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The [brother beat] by [ Snow man] leads Japan Billboard (week 14/52) Japan Music charts review

The winter is over! The spring is here the group [ Snow Man] making us warm up with their music in a very energetic beat, despite of the chilling name.

The “brother Beat”( ブラザービート) from the Male idol group achieve this leader position after conquering the “TOP Singles Sales”, announced on April 6th. The singles sale had total 809 082 which gave them around 16 000 points, providing them a jump from the 88th position directly to the number 1 spot. These is the group’s 6th single since their debut.

The music is an opening theme from the recent movie "Osomatsu-san" ( ) starring them (Snow Man) , which is the theme song, was released on March 25.

The movie Original Plot from the website: " The six children of the Matsuno family, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu do not get a regular job even after the age of 20, and they are virgin kusonito who bite their parents' shins. They live together under one roof while pulling their legs together. One day, his eldest son, Osomatsu, meets an old gentleman (CEO of Apricots, a large company with a market capitalization of several tens of trillion yen!). There is a crazy story about wanting to adopt a son who died in an accident and two melons, Osomatsu. Five younger brothers who can't afford to run through. A bone-and-flesh battle broke out that kicked others down when he wanted to be adopted. In front of them, three people in black who create an atmosphere that seems to be super important appear, and the story goes in an unexpected direction. Who will be adopted and lead the life of the winners?"

Personal Japan billboard Review:

The music is energetic and good to dance! There is no doubt. However, the kind of beat in the music, it brings back the conversation about the Japan music industry needing to evolve to something more than a tag called Jpop. It should be called Jmusic so we could identify Japanese music in a more open approach and identify [Snow Man] a little more than a just jpop group idol.

On the Music video, there is so much going on I had to watch it more than one time. The sequence with just a low quantity of frames make a bit too fast and confusing, But the graphics and the effects are good. I prefer a bit more the [lip&image] version it brings more flow and steadiness.

As for the singing, perfect nothing to report. About the dance, there was a slightly out of sync in the beginning at least one time. But we can forgive that because only the detail seekers will find it. At last, Some hairstyles remind Elvis, don’t they?

Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post!

Who are [ Snow Man]?

Snow Man is a Japanese idol boy band formed by Johnny & Associates in 2012. Today, the male idol group labels are under MENT Recording. The agency was created through an agreement between Avex Entertainment and Johnny & Associates. This move between labels was done to Snow Man and Kis-My-Ft2.

Although, Snow Man reminds us of Cold Winter, their music is far away from the cold, with energetic vibes and beat that can make you move your feet. The group's activities focused on acrobats and stage play. Snow Man made their official debut in 2020.

The group consists in 9 males: Hikaru Iwamoto; Tatsuya Fukazawa; Shota Watanabe; Koji Mukai; Ryohei Abe; Ren Meguro; Ryota Miyadate; Daisuke Sakuma; and Maito Raul Murakami.

Website :

YouTube :

Twitter :

Who are on the second and third position that might steal the throne?

The second and third hasn’t change since last week making them a threat or a wall of resistance to any music and group, or band, wishing to reach the throne.

2nd position

The music “Chameleon” ( カメレオン), which is the theme song from the FUJI TV Jdrama “ Don’t Call it Mystery” starring Masaki Suda, has been wondering between the fourth and second place in Japan music Charts. And falling from its leader position from last week. They sold this week 1431 copies and had 11800 downloads. King Gnu, formed in 2015, consists of 4 members: Daiki Tsuneta (Vocalist & Guitarist), Satoru Iguchi (Vocalist & Keyboardist), Kazuki Arai (Bassist) and Yu Seki (Drummer). The Japanese band's main songwriter is Daiki Tsuneta, who also performs as part of the creative collective Millennium Parade.

3rd position

The song that took Aimer to the number one spot for more than one month - 残響散歌 (Zankyosanka) from TV animation "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Yukaku Hen opening theme. Record label sign currently with Sacra Music. Sacra Music is a Japanese record label subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The record label was established on April 1, 2017, specializing in anison music. Aimer returned with the Zankyosanka back to the TOP 3 position showing the super and strength of this song, with 1050 copies sold and 6280 downloads.


New Song – Japan music charts Highlight (Full list Friday)

Special Force - AXXX1S

This song seems to be a kind of back-to-school campaign song. Its not bad it has a good beat in it. After all it earn the 9th place on Japan Billboard. AXXX1S is a Japanese idol boy group that launched in 2018. Recent but it has potential!

Official links:




[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (6 APR 2022) 1st place [last week position 88] "Brother Beat" Snow Man (809,082 sheets ・-・-)

2nd place [last week position 2] "Chameleon" King Gnu (1,431 sheets ・ 11,895DL ・ 6,948,353 playback)

3rd place [last week position 3] "Zankyosanka" Aimer (1,050 sheets, 6,280DL, 6,765,635 playback)

4th place [last week position 4] "CALL 119" INI (-・-・ 8,454,690 playback)

5th place [last week position 7] "Betergius" Yuri (-・ 2,472DL)・ 6,566,830 playback)

6th place [last week position 9] "Cinderella Boy" Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,437,029 playback)

7th place [last week position 6] "Dried flower" Yuri (-・ 1,744DL ・ 5,417,259 playback)

8th place [last week position 5] "Bye-" Good-Bye "BE: FIRST (-・ 1,938DL ・ 5,374,421 playback)

9th place [NEW]" Special Force "AXXX1S (58,212 sheets ・-・-)

10th place [last week position 11]" Nothing, "Makaroni Empitsu (-・1,367DL ・ 5,991,494 playback)

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