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[The Answer] by [Naniwa Boys] leads Japan Billboard (week 18/52) Japan Music charts review

It seems we have The Answer for the question “who is the leader of this week Billboard Japan?”. The Naniwa boys took the throne and sent the previous leader to the 4th Position.

The lead song "The Answer" of the second single is the theme song of the NTV drama "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo" starring member Shunsuke Michieda. This week past was their first week of sales that count 534,004 sold. It earned them 1st position in singles, 1st in lookups, 3rd in video playback, 15th in radio, and 38th in Twitter.

The NTV drama "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” 1st season was in 1995 and this edition it’s the 5th season. (Official website: the story is:

It is said to be the roar of the sea monster "Siren" that appears in Greek mythology. "Siren" is said to drag a human being misled by his voice into the sea and eat it.

That night, all the tour guests receive a call letter from one of the participants, Dr. Kanno. She came with Professor Kageo,who works at the same hospital, and Izumaru, a salesman of medical equipment. Nagita, who oversees the tour, seems to have known the doctors at the hospital for a long time, but she seems to avoid her for some reason ...Dr.Kanno is found dead with a arrow… And more it’s a mystery!

I can’t tell you everything! :P

The Answer – Naniwa Boys

A bit of the lyrics full translated:

“The shadow that wriggles in the darkness

(The shadow of your smile)

Crazy our second hand

Don't be scared of loneliness

Confess all the translations of sadness

(Just tell me everything)”

Personal Japan billboard Review:

Quite pleasant to the ear! It seems dark and mystery, enough for a theme song for a movie and anime. Maybe Inuyasha, Naruto or One-piece style?!(wondering) only after I read more about this song, I found out it is a theme song! (NTV drama "Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo"). So, the tune seems to match the rising beats of Japan, However, the dance performance and the Youtube version have different qualities. Not in a bad way. The dance filming needed more “action” many gaps and different spaces between them. I don’t know maybe more role playing or trust in themselves.


Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post!

Who are Naniwa Boys ( なにわ男子)?

Naniwa Boys, or Naniwa Dashi, is a 7-member male idol group from the record company is J Storm. The group was formed in 2018. They were the first group in 4 years to be formed by Kansai Johnny's Jr. They were unveiled with the performance "Fall in LOVE ~ I'm in love with Autumn Kanju ~". On November 12, 2021, the debut single " Hatsushin LOVE " was released.

Official Instagram:

Who are on the second and third position that might steal the throne?

On the second and third position, we have 2 new songs on the billboard as well, which make them my highlight this week.

2nd position

Mixed nuts ( ミックスナッツ) -Official Hige Dandism ( Official髭男dism)

The First appearance was two weeks ago, in the position 6. By winning the leader position in download and streaming, they can keep company to INI, last week. Aren’t they sweet? And now they are keeping company to the new leader.

The band was formed in 2012. Their first album was released in 2015 making their debut that same year. In April 2018, he made his major debut with Major 1st Single "No Doubt".

With music rooted in various genres, including black music, it continues to gain support from all generations.

Official website




3rd position

Betrayal Game - BE:FIRST

This week's video No. 1 is BE: FIRST's "Betrayal Game". This is the theme song of the NTV drama "Detective is too early-Spring Trick Return Festival-" (探偵が早すぎる~春のトリック返し祭り~) starring Kenichi Takitō and Alice Hirose. First appeared in 3rd place overall.

This NTV Drama story :

“Ichika gets stuck in Otani and is thrilled by the premonition of love. Hashida is suspicious of the strange appearance of Ichika. On the other hand, Chikuma River was amazed at how Ichika floated.

Ichika is introduced by Otani to Emoto, a senior at his university who works for a pharmaceutical company. Emoto is involved in the development of bath salts and asked Ichika to cooperate in her product development. When I heard that Otani was with me, Ichika took over. Ichika and Otani participate in a company meeting in Emoto. The Chikuma River was watching Ichika's actions one by one.

After finishing work, Ichika and Otani go to the bar of Sosuke. In front of Ichika and Otani, who have a good atmosphere, Sosuke is not worried about it. Yoko (Ayane Kinoshita) asks Otani if ​​she likes Ichika. Otani does not deny her love for Ichika, and Ichika is more and more floating. Chikuma River who was watching the whole story ...!”


Official Website:


Instagram :

[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (04 MAY 2022) 1st place [NEW] "The Answer" Naniwa Boys (534,004 sheets ・-・-)

2nd place [Last week position 2] "Mixed Nuts" Official Beard Man dism (-・ 17,487DL ・ 8,587,467 playback)

3 Place [NEW] "Betrayal Game" BE: FIRST (-・ 21,487DL ・ 6,689,197 playback)

4th place [Last week position 1] "CALL 119" INI (44,070 sheets ・-・ 5,286,300 playback)

5th place [ Last week position 3] "W / X / Y" Tani Yuuki (-・ 2,489DL ・ 7,889,722 playback)

6th place [Last week position 4] “Cinderella Boy” Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,839,017 playback)

7th place [Last week position 5] “Zankyosanka” Aimer (-・ 3,924DL ・ 5,444,527 playback ) )

8th place [Last week position 7] "Comedy" Gen Hoshino (-・ 8,032DL ・ 4,772,564 playback)

9th place [Last week position 8] "Betrayal" Yuri (-・

1,849DL ・ 6,200,271 playback)

10th place [Last week position 6] "Chameleon" King Gnu (-・ 3,863DL ・ 5,146,603 playback)

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