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The [Actually] by Nogizaka46 leads Japan Billboard (week 13/52) Japan Music charts review

Jumping like a kawaii usagi (cute rabit) from the eightieth position last week to the first position, the young ladies of Tokyo and all-female idol group have achieved another wonderful spot. They are the sisters of AKB48, also with the same producer Yasushi Akimoto.

Actually - Nogizaka46

Personal Japan billboard Review:

At first, I couldn’t understand where the previous colours and theatrical video went. And I still don’t!

For some reason, the concept is love for everyone since they do a heart shape formation(?)… maybe, but in Grey. Since they are dressed in a kind of blue-grey colour, the low dancing with a lot of arm movement and the low quantity of smiles. All this made me worry like was everything planned because someone got hurt? Was there bad news before all things that surround the work created?

The spring is beginning to bloom and instead of colors, we are presented with no colour scenes and a good music to dance. That for me doesn’t really match. Spring for me means colour, dance, and light. Not winter reloaded with greys and whites and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It just my thought.

Here is bit of the lyrics translated:

“「You know I need to find something, real bad」

Every time I smile

I remember that I was overdoing

To draw blue sky (NOT YET)

Whether the wind is what color

Should be known

What's missing



I do not know (anything)

The beauty of this world”

Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post!

Who are Nogizaka46 ( 乃木坂46 )?

Nogizaka46 is a Japanese female idol group. The group was produced by Yasushi Akimoto, and they are the official rival of the group AKB48. They are the first group from the Sakamichi Series, which also includes sister groups Sakurazaka46 (formerly Keyakizaka46), Yoshimotozaka46, and Hinatazaka46.

Nogizaka46 has had a lot of success over the years. They’ve released 28 singles and 5 compilation albums, and each of their singles since the third one has reached number 1 on the weekly Oricon chart. Additionally, each single release has sold at least 1 million copies. They’ve also created radio shows, theater productions, television programs, and films. Some notable examples include NogiBingo!, Hatsumori Bemars, Nogizaka Under Construction and Asahinagu.

Official website:



Who are on the second and third position that might steal the throne?

2nd position

The music “Chameleon” ( カメレオン), which is the theme song from the FUJI TV Jdrama “ Don’t Call it Mystery” starring Masaki Suda, has been wondering between the fourth and second place in Japan music Charts. And falling from its leader position from last week. They sold this week 2770 copies and had 12900 downloads. King Gnu, formed in 2015, consists of 4 members: Daiki Tsuneta (Vocalist & Guitarist), Satoru Iguchi (Vocalist & Keyboardist), Kazuki Arai (Bassist) and Yu Seki (Drummer). The Japanese band's main songwriter is Daiki Tsuneta, who also performs as part of the creative collective Millennium Parade.

3rd position

The song that took Aimer to the number one spot for more than one month - 残響散歌 (Zankyosanka) from TV animation "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Yukaku Hen opening theme. Record label sign currently with Sacra Music. Sacra Music is a Japanese record label subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The record label was established on April 1, 2017, specializing in anison music. Aimer returned with the Zankyosanka back to the TOP 3 position showing the super and strength of this song, with 1400 copies sold and 8000 downloads.


New Song Highlight

Although, I am going to publish with a little information the full list of the Japan Music chart new songs. I leave you here the highlight from the TOP10 with 2 news songs.

One by INI, which are the J01 brother group and the same background of formation TV reality show. Their energetic song is not the typical JPOP song in a good way. They are full of hip-hop vibe. With the rising of hip-hop vibes in Japan, it calls for remodel in the industry.

And the other about “Matsuri”, which is the Japanese word for festivals. Since we are in the season of “Ohanami”, the viewing of the Sakura flowers blooming (If you are curious you can see in this link the forecast and the confirm sighting ), this year the blooming represents a new chapter in the Japan’s Daily life, with the borders opening and the festivals returning in full swing. Making this song land at the right time of the year. The song is number 1 (radio); Number 13 (download); number 33 (streaming); number 21 (Twitter) and number 5 (video playback). This is the song first appearance on TOP 10 and sold 142 921 Copies in the first week.

[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (30 MAR 2022) 1st place [Last week position 80] "Actually ..." Nogisaka 46 (561,071 sheets / 3,207DL /-) 2nd place [Last week position 1] "Chameleon" King Gnu (2,770 sheets / 12,964DL / 7,288,182 playback) 3rd place [Last week position 4] "Zankyosanka" Aimer (1,403 sheets, 8,307DL, 7,345,758 playback) 4th place [NEW] "CALL 119" INI (-・-・ 10,311,368 playback) 5th place [Last week position 2] "Bye-Good-Bye" BE: FIRST (-・ 2,549DL ・ 5,958,457 playback) 6th place [Last week position 6] “Dried flower” Yuri (-・ 3,460DL ・ 5,522,200 playback) 7th place [Last week position 5] “Betergius” Yuri (-・ 2,827DL ・ 6,776,166 playback) 8th place [NEW] "Eien" Mr. Children (-・ 31,010DL ・-) 9th place [Last week position 7] "Cinderella Boy" Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,067,854 playback) 10th place [NEW] "Matsuri" Fujii Kaze (- ・ 3,132DL ・ 3,235,496 playback)

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