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Resonance [共鳴] SixTONES has stolen the throne – Leading Japan Billboard (week 10/52)

Another week, another Japan billboard review!

As predicted on the second week, the queen lost the crown. Yet, it’s not that surprising if we considered that the new Japan Billboard Leader is also an opening song from an Anime. Aimer fell to the third position.

The single was released exactly a week ago (02 MAR 2022) with 2 songs Resonance and Wave Crash. Although, I enjoy more Wave Crash, maybe because it seems more their Style and it looks more natural to them.

These is the first appearance of the music and album on the Japan Billboard TOP 100, "Resonance", recorded sales of 402,093 in the first week of the single.

The music lyrics showing in the anime :

“ Now it's time to unite, let's shout! Hey, This is a song to get me the power Can you hear the roaring of our soul, huh? We don't have time to hesitate, right? Okay, let's get started! Don't worry, even if you're down Our ties are always in here...”

The SixTONES leader, Yugo Kochi celetrated his 28th birthday after work! The Group shared a picture with the Delicious Cake on Social media, or as they say in Japanese, SNS. Omedetou Yugo Kochi!

My personal Analysis:

After watching the dance performance on Youtube and hearing the music on SixTones website, they seem completely different songs. It is like they were force or they were walking on rain before the shooting the Dance performance video, at least for me something seems way off! Like the sound of their voices seem different from the other times like a sore throat. Even their movements seemed to be un-sync. Which is kind of odd to me! I like to hear them, but something is wrong. Or the song wasn’t written for them, and it was “bought”. Which would be surprising after the Johnny & Associates Chaos on the media.

As for the actual song on their website sounds much clearer and tuned, which is good.

Don't forget to check what’s new on the Billboard at the end of this post!

The Resonance is the fourth opening theme from the Anime “Hanyou no Yashahime”( Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon), which appears around episode 38. (official website: )

You remember the INUYASHA anime, right? Well, Hanyou no Yashahime is the sequel just like Boruto is Naruto sequel. For more information on the Anime: Visit myanimelist

Due to the series ongoing episodes, as long the opening song doesnt change to another, its possible SixTones may keep themselves on TOP3 for 2 weeks, maybe, depending on new anime and Drama releases.

Back to the Japan Music charts

Who are the SixTones?

SixTones (ストーンズ, Sutōnzu, pronounced "Stones") is a Japanese idol boy band formed by Johnny & Associates in 2015, consist of Jesse, Kyomoto Taiga, Matsumura Hokuto, Kochi Yugo, Morimoto Shintaro, and Tanaka Juri. . The group was previously a sub-unit of Johnny & Associates' pre-debut trainee group, Johnny's Jr. SixTones made their official debut on January 22, 2020. SixTones' pre-debut songs recorded on Japanese Society for rights of authors, composers and publishers (JASRAC) for example :


この星のHIKARI [Kono Hoshi No HIKARI] JASRAC No.:1H9-9123-8

BE CRAZY - JASRAC No.:212-8586-1




Amazing!!!!!! - JASRAC No.:1K3-6191-7


Beautiful Life – JASRAC No.:1L0-4176-2


Jungle – JASRAC No.:1L7-0917-8

Night Train – JASRAC No.:240-5407-1

Hysteria – JASRAC No.:1M3-2201-3


"LAUGH” IN THE LIFE – JASRAC No.:244-4071-0

MR. ズドン [MR. Zudon] – JASRAC No.:244-7682-0

光る、兆し [Hikaru, Kizashi] – JASRAC No.:247-5521-4

RAM-PAM-PAM) – JASRAC No.:IN6-0638-4

It’s a bit odd to some people that the official website doesn’t have a introduction part of the music Group. It looks like Managers are more looking for the profit by the health and love for the stars. However, this website is part of Sony Music Entertainment

Marketing for profit not to support the people method, which is not surprising after the controversies surrounding Johnny & Associates.

What is New on the Japan Billboard?

On number 2 position, King Gnu ( )

They are Back with the new song "Chameleon" first time appearance on the Billboard is followed by the Pre-delivery announcement just last week (28 FEB 2022). The music is the theme song of the Fuji-based Month 9 drama "Mystery Say Mystery" starring Masaki Suda.

This week the song won the first place in download with 54,951DL and the first place in streaming with 9,750,428 playbacks, won the second place in radio and the 26th place in Twitter.

On number 4 position, BEYOOOOONDS's

Their third work "Hero-Laughing! Chopin Senpai-", which is the first after a long period, is the second single with 98,802 first-week sales, which greatly exceeds the 54,835 singles of the previous work "Gekishin LOVE". The result shows a steady increase in core fans.

[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (09 MAR 2022) 1st place [NEW] "Resonance" SixTONES (402,093 sheets ・-・-) 2nd place [NEW] "Chameleon" King Gnu (-・ 54,951DL ・ 9,750,428 playback) 3rd place [last week position 1] " "Zankyosanka" Aimer (2,479 sheets, 11,712DL, 8,659,291 playback) 4th place [NEW] "Hero ~ Laugh! Chopin Senpai ~" BEYOOOOONDS (98,802 sheets, 3,508DL ・-) 5th place [last week position 3] "Betergius" Yuri ( -・ 3,278DL ・ 7,483,856 playback) 6th place [last week position 5] "Cinderella Boy" Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,488,702 playback) 7th place [last week position 8] "Reverse Dream" King Gnu (-・ 5,306DL ・ 6,139,171 playback) 8th place [last week position 6 ] "One way" King Gnu (1,115 sheets, 4,043DL, 5,899,198 playback) 9th place [ last week position 7] "Nothing," Makaroni Empitsu (-, 1,384DL, 6,758,058 playback) 10th place [last week position 9] "Dried flower" Yuri (-・ 1,526DL ・ 5,570,222 playback)

* () indicates the number of singles, downloads, and streaming (only within the 50th place each)

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