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Magazines from Japan - available on eBay - small review on MORE

This magazine was a great asset to me at first glance. 
Detailed reviews about small kitchen appliances, clothes and fashion, as well as images with women of different heights to illustrate how much length can be preserved by wearing the right shoes. I also recommend it to someone planning to move to Japan soon, like myself 

Right out of the package is the magazine on the left. I'd say it arrived in perfect condition.

Item: MORE Japanese fashion magazine for ladies 2021-10

from the store khudeganb-0

They even send a little tea bag, I love it.

They indicate in their little note that they include the tea bag with the magazine:

They have an official Facebook page Japan shopping agency -GLUT .

They provide 5 stars service.

What is More Magazine?

This is what eBay describes it as:

" Brand new #monthly #youth #fashion #makeup #cosmetics #shueisha #20-30yo

Modern Japanese monthly bestseller, office and casual fashion, make-up and cosmetics magazines for 20-30 years office ladies."

If you look deeper on, we find that "MORE" is a fashion information magazine that is published monthly by Shueisha. In addition, the magazine focuses on casual clothing for people in their 20s who commute to work.

More website (

Instagram : ( moremagjp)

Twitter :

So what motivated me to buy this magazine?

To me, it's fantastic. The international community and Portuguese citizens do not have easy access to these types of publications. At first glance, I thought this magazine was very valuable.

We will be posting reviews on small kitchen appliances, clothes and fashion, along with images with women of different heights, to demonstrate how much length the shoes could retain with the right accessories. Additionally, before receiving your first earnings slip, it is important to understand the savings and the investment slip if you plan on living in Japan in the near future, as I am planning. Also, if you are studying Japanese culture and language, you ought to get acquainted with the language on it.

Lastly, who is the girl who is on the cover?

Mone Kamishiraishi (上白石 萌音, Kamishiraishi Mone), born 1998 ( 23 years old) .

You can check her IMDb info:


She was excellent as Nanase Sakura in the TV drama, An Incurable Case of Love ( Koi wa tsuzuku yo Doko made mo, 2020). Could you please tell me who is that familiar-looking guy? 佐藤 健 / Satoh Takeru, a well-known actor from the Rurouni Kenshin films. You can check him on Youtube.

I completely lost myself in these intense romantic scenes. What was your opinion of the TV drama? The juice will be here soon, don't worry!

Here's myself ->

I highly recommend you purchase this magazine.

Also available on Amazon ...

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