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Let’s get Nuts! - Japan Billboard (week 20/52) Japan Music charts review

No, I am not getting wild! The song Mixed nuts (ミックスナッツ) are leading the Japan Billboard after controlling the second position by few weeks. The song recorded the number one spot with streaming increasing to 9,521,583 plays this week

Trailer ( on the right)

Official Hige Dandism's "Mixed Nuts" is the opening theme song of the TV anime "SPY x FAMILY", also available on Netflix. Main Plot: an undercover spy, Lord Forger aka Twilight marries a beautiful city hall worker Yor, and together they adopt a daughter, Anya, and a dog.

(Official music video )

Mixed nuts ( ミックスナッツ) -Official Hige Dandism ( Official髭男dism)

a bit of the lyrics:

"Life, and I know I'm full

of anxiety with my true feelings caught in my teeth, even if I chew it Tego

It 's like a ghostly peeled peanut that's instantly repelled by the world ."

Personal Japan billboard Review:

I must say, the Anime trailer and the music video seem to be a bit crazy and confused. However, I believe that’s the reason of mixed nuts, they are all nuts! ( Joking)

I find this creative Chaos very exciting! If everything was predictable, What would be the fun in that?

What I find more appealing in this band, Its they don’t need any labels . Because its clear from all they work they can make a future in Music industry for every generation. And that’s the real magic of an artist to reach the heart of every generation!


Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post!

Who are Official Hige Dandism ( Official髭男dism)?

The band was formed in 2012. Their first album was released in 2015 making their debut that same year. In April 2018, he made his major debut with Major 1st Single "No Doubt".

With music rooted in various genres, including black music, it continues to gain support from all generations.

Official website




Who are on the second and third position that might steal the throne?

On the second and third position, we have 2 new songs on the billboard as well, which make them my highlight this week.

2nd position

M87 ( M八七) Kenshi YONEZU( 米津玄師)

It was Kenshi Yonezu's "M 87" who rushed to pursue "Mixed Nuts". The digital ban was lifted on May 13, and even though the number of measurement days was three, it marked 35,004 Downloads and ranked first in the download index. In other indicators, it has scored high points such as Twitter 4th and video 9th, and the synergistic effect with the theme song "Shin Ultraman" released on the same day has achieved excellent results.

Born March 10, 1991, in Tokushima Prefecture, also known as Hachi in many released works.

From 2009, he started posting original songs to Nico Nico Douga and released works such as "Matryoshka", "Panda Hero", and "Yuinde Kaiite Rasetsu Toku". In the VOCALOID scene, he has an outstanding track record of opening a presence with addictive rock sound and attracting attention from all over the world, In addition, he also worked on illustrations and videos himself, and released two albums "Hanataba to Suisou" and "OFFICIAL ORANGE" in 2010.

Official website



3rd position

Love / magic (愛・魔性) – Angerme ( アンジュルム)

Angerme's "Ai / Maji", the lead song of the first single after joining a new member, sold 84,442 copies, became the single's 1st place, but the download was 10th and the lookup was 12th.


Akari Takeuchi

Kawamura Ayano

Rikako Sasaki

Kamikokuryo Moe

Layla Ise

Rin Hashisako

Rin Kawana

Shion Tamenaga

Wakana Matsumoto

Hirayama Yuuki

Formed in April 2009 from the trainee members of the Hello! Project (then "Hello Pro Egg"). The group name is a coined word that combines smile and age (generation), "smileage". After working as an indie musician, he made his major debut in May 2010 with "Yume Miru 15 years old" and won the "52nd Japan Record Award" Best New Artist Award in the same year. October 2014 Announced the addition of members for the 3rd term and the change of group name, and became "ANGERME". "A coined word that combines French ange (angel) and larme (tears)" "Let's shed various tears together with a gentle heart like an angel." In addition to artist activities, he is challenging a wide range of genres such as stage, variety shows, and magazine models. He has appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FES." For 3 consecutive years and in "rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN" for 2 consecutive years! The first artist's book "Angerumuk" is also a hot group with many sold out stores!

[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (18MAY 2022) 1st place [Last week position 2] "Mixed nuts" Official Higeo dism (-・ 15,946DL ・ 9,521,583 playback)

2nd place [NEW] "M 87" Yonezu Genshi (-・ 35,004DL ・ 2,589,511) Play)

3rd place [NEW] "Love / Magic" Anjurum (84,442 sheets / 4,907DL /-)

4th place [Last week position 3]] "W / X / Y" Tani Yuuki (-・ 2,770DL / 8,269,780 play)

5th place [Last week position 5 ] "Cinderella Boy" Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,960,440 playback)

6th place [Last week position 20] "Habit" SEKAI NO OWARI (-・ 5,057DL ・ 5,177,232 playback)

7th place [Last week position 7] "Comedy" Hoshino Gen (-・ 7,632DL)・ 5,235,697 playback)

8th place [Last week position 10] "Betergius" Yuri (-・ 2,036DL ・ 6,074,201 playback)

9th place [Last week position 9] "FEARLESS" LE SSERAFIM (-・ 2,723DL ・ 5,472,561 playback)

10th place [Last week position 8] "Zankyosanka" Aimer (-・ 3,365DL ・ 4,864,190 playback)

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