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Leading the Japan billboard ( week 3/52 ) - King GNU with 2 songs

This music from Movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Theme Song will not leave the throne for some time yet. The same goes for King GNU. The Ichizu song is on top but so is King GNU on number two?!?!?!? How is that possible?

Yes! One single with 2 musics: Ichizu on the number 1 spot and Sakayume on the number 2 spot.

ON number one position ICHIZU

An animated movie trailer was released on Nov. 5, shortly after the four-man rock band and anime collaboration was announced. The video became an instant hit, receiving 16 million views on YouTube within a few days. Before the release of the full-length version of the track, parts of the track had been teased in trailers and TV commercials.

King GNU Single with Ichizu and sakayume
King GNU Single with Ichizu and sakayume

It starts with:

Lend me your strength one last time Then I won’t ask for anything more My future, my past and my everything I'll have no regrets if it's completed with you”

I have to confess that this music is not my usual taste, but it seems to be good. The only thing I'd have liked to see is a more elaborate music video or a more dramatic performance.

King Gnu was formed in 2013. It has 4 members . It consists of: Daiki Tsuneta (Vocalist & Guitarist), Satoru Iguchi (Vocalist & Keyboardist), Kazuki Arai (Bassist) and Yu Seki (Drummer).

With multiple awards and the billboard leader position being taken more than once, it seems that they aren't slowing down. FUJI ROCK Festival has been presenting live performances from King Gnu for several years.

The Fuji Rock Festival is held annually in Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Official website :

Instagram :

The song on the second position Sakayume :

This music is just my style the melody and the lyrics seem more in tune, doesn't it ?

I guessing the music group KIng Gnu is going to maintain the leader position for a couple more weeks more.

A bit of the lyrics translated

"If you can be someone

For no reason

Tears are about to overflow

Fill the night

Become a shining dream

White breath is unreliable

It melted in the cold of winter and disappeared

Hands piled up that day

I can't rely on the residual heat too much

Spring is always"

What do you think about them?

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