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King & Prince topped the Japan music charts

Almost immediately upon entering the Japanese Billboard charts, an album by the Japanese music group King &Prince reached the number one position with "I think of you on a dark full moonlit night" (Koifuru Tsukiyoni Kimiomou / 恋降る月夜に君想ふ ). Sounds romantic, doesn't it?

In a press conference held on 5 June 2015, Johnny & Associates announced the group's formation. Members of the group had been selected to be special supporters for TV Asahi's Summer Station event. Mr King vs Mr Prince was divided into two subgroups: "Mr King", consisting of Sho Hirano, Ren Nagase, and Kaito Takahashi and "Mr Prince", consisting of Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, and Genki Iwahashi.

King & Prince embarked on a nationwide arena tour in 2018 named the King & Prince First Concert Tour following their successful "Cinderella Girl" single. The first show of the tour took place in August at Yokohama Arena to a sold-out crowd of 15,000 people. Approximately 260,000 people attended the final performance. King & Prince released a second single on 10 October 2018 entitled Memorial. It served as the theme song for the television drama Bukatsu, Suki Janakya Dame Desu ka? Its first song, "High On Love", was featured as the theme song for the film You, I Love, which is directed by Hirano. Another song included in the single features members Tetsu Takahashi, Chiaki Yuta, and Genki Iwahashi. More than 400,000 copies of "Memorial" were sold in its first week, topping the Oricon Singles Chart. In the same month of its release, the Album received Platinum status from the RIAJ for shipments of 500,000 units.

I'm impressed or suspicious about Johnny & Associates having so many groups reach the billboard-Almost like they were on a Shinkansen (bullet train in Japanese).

This group of people is composed of people from all over the main Japanese island, Honshu.

Mr King

  • Sho Hirano

You might know him from a few Jdramas, such as Boys over flowers.

  • Ren Nagase

  • Kaito Takahashi


  • Yuta Kishi (Leader)

  • Yuta Jinguji

Former Member

  • Genki Iwahashi - left this year (2021) due to anxiety disorder.

On November 20, 2018, Genki Iwahashi announced that he was taking a break to deal with his panic disorder. The group's management announced in February 2019 he would rejoin the group and participate in their third single, "Kimi wo Matteru", but in March it was noted that he would continue to receive treatment. It was goodbye to Genki Iwahashi on 31 March 2021 following his retirement from King & Prince.

We hope you are feeling better soon, Genki-san!

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