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It's a [Be selfish] thats coming close to the [one piece] week 33/52 - Japan music charts

The music of the charismatic Uta with Ado's voice is starting to lose leverage and point's. This week, the number of points that kept them in the leader position decreased around 1000 points. Has Star Uta stopped shining ️? It might lose the leader position by the end of October.

Uta’s Song is dominating the first spot on the number of streams , Youtube video views in Japan and Karaoke music selection. It did not dominate the number of downloads ( 3rd place), the number of broadcasts in Radios( 18th place) and twitter ( 49th place).

The second leader position was taken by a new single "Be Selfish" by [=LOVE]. This Single is their twelve. In numerology terms, It means they may have completed a cycle , or the next one, may have an unlucky result or the biggest result ever. The number 13 is a mystery by itself, we have to stand by and watch their future performances.

"Be Selfish" dominated the top single with the 1st place, which can give a lot of points to the artist, or group, when entering in the chart.

Short version of the Lyrics translated:

“Stop asking for love,

and let me pick

one out of my troubles.

I want you to go

on as you are

I want you to live as

you are I'm just being selfish

with only your favourite colour

I won't let anyone get in my way”


Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post!

Personal Japan Billboard review:

I love seeing the Alice in wonderland adaptation in a modern context. It's very innovative! Despite being organised and managed by a former member of AKB48, I must say it was very smart not keeping the same size and structure.

And the image of the girls seems more individual than in a group formation, which is even better because it demonstrates they all have different personalities.

As for the music, it's a modern and more remixed version of Typical Japanese music.

I look at them as fresh and inspiration for the future of Japanese pop music!

I am surprised the Japan billboard reports barely mention them… is it on purpose or accident?

Who is [=LOVE]?

The twelve-person group =Love (イコールラブ Ikōrurabu, pronounced "equal love", stylized as =LOVE) is produced by former AKB48 and HKT48 member Rino Sashihara and is signed under Sacra Music. The group comprises voice actors from the Yoyogi Animation Academy and is known for their positive and upbeat music.

Their members are

Emiri Ōtani

Hana Ōba

Risa Otoshima

Kiara Saitō

Nagisa Saitō

Maika Sasaki

Hitomi Takamatsu

Shōko Takiwaki

Iori Noguchi

Sana Morohashi

Anna Yamamoto

=LOVE - official social media ---

Official Homepage:

Official YouTube:

Official Twitter:

Official TikTok:

Official Instagram:

Official Shop:

大谷 映美里 (Emiri Otani)

大場 花菜 (Hana Oba)

音嶋 莉沙 (Risa Otoshima)

齋藤 樹愛羅 (Kiara Saito)

齊藤 なぎさ (Nagisa Saito)

佐々木 舞香 (Maika Sasaki)

髙松 瞳 (Hitomi Takamatsu)

瀧脇 笙古 (Shoko Takiwaki)

野口 衣織 (Iori Noguchi)

諸橋 沙夏 (Sana Morohashi)

山本 杏奈 (Anna Yamamoto)

JAPAN HOT 100 - Billboard Japan Top Chart (05 OCT 2022)

1st place [1] "Shinjidai (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (-・9,195DL・11,070,803 views)

2nd place [NEW] "Be Selfish" = LOVE (195,863 sheets・-・-)

3rd place [2] "I am the strongest (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (-・3,779DL・8,578,538 views)

4th place [NEW] "SOUVENIR" BUMP OF CHICKEN (-・29,576DL・- )

5th place [6] "W/X/Y" Tani Yuuki (- 3,273 DL 7,428,308 plays)

6th place [4] "Uta Katarabai (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (- 1,385 DL 7,499,819 plays )

7th place [10] "Overdose" Natori (- 1,903 DL 8,254,427 plays)

8th place [5] "Backlight (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (- 2,103 DL 6,848,466 plays)

9th place [8] “Mix Nuts” Official Bearded Man dism (-・4,030DL・5,417,772 views)

10th place [23] “Once again” Tani Yuuki (-・5,803DL・5,972,867 views)

* [ ] is the ranking of the previous week

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