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How does Minna no Nihongo compare to Marugoto?

Minna no Nihongo

You might want to have your first start in the Japanese language world. 

However, some schools might choose certain books such as Minna no Nihongo as a starting point for language instruction. Despite being regarded as a classic textbook for Japanese learners and teachers alike, Minna no Nihongo isn't for those learning the language for the first time. 

Once you reach the N4 level of the JLPT, this book is more of an exercise book than a learning manual. Don't expect grammar or vocabulary explanations!

The series consists of an exercise book and a vocabulary book (that's actually what I mean). The vocabulary book should not be considered complete, accurate, and complete. They do not provide a complete and well-structured structure, since they are based on the need-to-know system.

There are only exercises, but there is nothing educating.


If you are learning Japanese for the first time, the Marugoto program is your best option. Either you use the book series that covers A to Z, or you use free online learning resources, either way, you have great books with a good structure for you to explore. In this book instead of Minna no Nihongo, you will have access to more material for your self-study.

You can only begin learning Japanese with guidance from Marugoto at the beginning of this journey. You will reach the end of the Marugoto material when you reach the JLPT N3 study. In European terms, this is B1.

After finishing Marugoto, there are many other options like NIHONGO SO-MATOME.

From JLPT N5 to The JLPT N1 can be found in the last one mentioned. One of the best alternatives for self-study is this one, but this one can go the distance!

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