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Culture in Japan

Japan's culture is extremely deep in nature as it also dates back to the year 2500 BC and over the time span of it's life as a country spanning many islands Japan has gone through a lot of time periods even being influenced by China's culture when some of the chinese writing and characters were introduced to the Japanese. The Japanese since then has been deeply involved with their culture and their traditions where in cities such as Kyoto where you can for a substantial price drink with a Geisha or as they are called more commonly now Geiko in a bar or more commonly traditional teahouses around the city.

As we go further into the culture of Japan it would be ill mannered if we were not to mention the Samurai and their effect on the current culture outlook of the Japanese as they helped establish the culture of Japan. The samurai were the original warrior class of the Japanese people especially around the medieval and the edo period of Japan's history, even through the Samurai are no longer exist in the same manner as they did during those time the art of bushido, "the way of the warrior" still exists in deep in the culture of respect in Japan.

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