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[Call 119] by [ INI] leads Japan Billboard (week 17/52) Japan Music charts review

Emergency call song has reached the number one spot in Japan Music charts. The song first appearance on the Japan Billboard Hot 100 was at the end of march, on the week 13/52 that belong to Sakurazaka46.

The second single’s lead song "CALL 119" reached leader position in Single Sales with 742,208, which was released in the middle of April. The group also achieved first place on radio and Twitter. However, It could not reach the leader position at the Download, Streaming and video playback rankings.

While INI jump 15 places to the Japan Billboard leader position, the previous leader drops around the same positions numbers.

Call 119 – INI

A bit of the lyrics full translated:

“ Tab tab call the 119

Ooh ah

Let it be fun (let it be fun)

Break it break it break it

Hey ay ay

Tab tab call the 119

Hearing SOS

Signal to tomorrow

Call me ask

Like me a 119

3 2 1 Ready”

Personal Japan billboard Review:

At first, I thought their Youtube video its so confusing. So much going on! Then the music and video performance combination made me flashback to the movie “Step Up 1” with Channing and Jenna Tatum doing the final dance. In the movie, the mashups and change of beats made sense. But with INI YouTube video, my brain froze.

The colours, lack of a consistent storyline, the clothes with no-Vision and the flashing lights. All that are elements that made no sense in my mind when I saw the video. Even, if the Company behind the creation of this artists that formed at Produce 101 Japan, Between the Groups J01, OWV and INI, I find the INI the most Confusing of them all. Like they have no guidance. In lack of the company organization, the group needs to step up by saving their artistic voice.

Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post!

Who are INI?

Like the 11-member group J01 formed by Produce Japan 101 season 1 , INI is another 11-member group also formed by the TV show Produce Japan 101 season 2. “INI” means connecting members (I) and you (I) with Network (N). The INI group is formed by Ikezaki Rihito, Ozaki Takumi, Kimura Masaya, Goto Takeru, Sano Yudai, Xu Fengfan, Takatsuka Hiromu, Tajima Shogo, Nishi Hiroto, Fujimaki Kyosuke, and Matsuda Jin. They debuted on November 3, 2021, under the label Lapone Entertainment.

They won the Mnet Asian Music Awards (abbreviated as MAMA) In 2021 as the award for Favorite Asian Artist.

Official website:






Who are on the second and third position that might steal the throne?

On the second and third position, we have 2 new songs on the billboard as well, which make them my highlight this week.

2nd position

Mixed nuts ( ミックスナッツ) -Official Hige Dandism ( Official髭男dism)

The First appearance was last week, in the position 6. By winning the leader position in download and streaming, they can keep company to INI for this week. Aren’t they sweet?

This week, they also entered 61 position at the Global 200 chart. I find that amazing. To enter in the global chart right into the first 100 spots is a remarkable achievement.

Who are they? The band was formed in 2012. Their first album was released in 2015 making their debut that same year. In April 2018, he made his major debut with Major 1st Single "No Doubt".

With music rooted in various genres, including black music, it continues to gain support from all generations.

Official website




3rd position

W / X / Y - Tani Yuuki

The amazing fighter has been in the Hot100 for 15 weeks now. It seems to be a delight by not leaving the charts after 3 weeks like most songs. This week it took the third spot due to the recognition rising.

Who is the Tani Yuuki?

Born in 1998. Born in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. He is a singer / songwriter who mainly works on TikTok and YouTube. He started his activities in August 2015. He has been active since the summer of 2018 as a member of the vocal group WHITE BOX. The song "Myra" posted in May 2020 attracted the support of teens on SNS(Social Network System) centred on TikTok, and his first distribution sound source was a big hit despite non-tie-up and non-promotion. I swept the top of each chart. He started music with the acoustic guitar he got from his grandfather when he was in junior high school, and now he writes, arranges, and makes sounds by himself, playing not only the guitar but also the piano.





[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (27 APR 2022) 1st place [ Last week position 15] "CALL 119" INI (742,208 sheets / 10,530DL / 7,719,431 playback)

2nd place [ Last week position 6] "Mixed Nuts" Official Beard Man dism (-・ 21,119DL / 8,137,454 playback)

3rd place [Last week position 10] "W / X / Y" Tani Yuuki (-・ 2,315DL ・ 7,573,335 playback)

4th place [Last week position 9] "Cinderella Boy" Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,789,214 playback)

5th place [ Last week position 7] " Zankyosanka" Song "Aimer (565 sheets, 3,925DL, 5,613,784 playback)

6th place [ Last week position 11]" Chameleon "King Gnu (571 sheets, 5,775DL, 5,569,919 playback)

7th place [ Last week position 4]" Comedy "Hoshino Gen (-・ 7,404DL ・ 4,508,661)

8th place [ Last week position 12] "Betergius" Yuri (-・ 1,884DL ・ 6,279,853 reproduction) 9th

place [ Last week position 3] "Chronostasis" BUMP OF CHICKEN (-・ 12,301DL ・ 3,618,112 reproduction)

10th place [ Last week position 8] "LOVE DIVE" IVE (-・ 1,270DL ・ 6,324,128 playback)

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