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Billboard Japan Hot100 Charts (20 Apr 2022) – New songs only edition - Japan music charts

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 is a music chart that ranks the best-selling songs in Japan. It is published by Billboard magazine, and a new chart is compiled and published every Thursday. The chart is based on sales of physical singles and digital downloads. These doesn’t mean music outside of Japan stays out of Japan Billboard, very much the opposite.

However, I only focus on Japan’s artists and songs, even If I enjoy S-Korean music from artists like Ailee and Song Ji Eun. Maybe in the Future who knows!

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 was first published on October 26, 1996. The first number one song was "Too Much Heaven" by Bee Gees. As of July 20, 2019, the most successful artist on the chart is AKB48, with 45 number-one singles.

This week, the Japan Billboard has brought us 9 new Japan songs to the charts. I read the letter on the website of BMSG and decided that these songs deserve as much recognition as any others on the Japan music charts. It's not a competition or about making money, but rather about artistic freedom and awareness for a healthy music industry.

1st Position

Lovin'you - King & Prince

The Japanese group was formed in 2015 by Johnny & Associates. The selection of the elements of the group happened due to the TV Asahi's Summer Station event (official website: The group's first original song, "Summer Station" was used as the official theme song for the Summer Station event, which ran from July to August 2015. The group was meant to disband after the event. However, in August 2015, the members announced that they would continue activities as a group.

Mr King vs Mr Prince was divided into two subgroups: "Mr King", consisting of Sho Hirano, Ren Nagase, and Kaito Takahashi and "Mr Prince", consisting of Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, and Genki Iwahashi.

King & Prince embarked on a nationwide arena tour in 2018 named the King & Prince First Concert Tour following their successful "Cinderella Girl" single.

Official twitter:


2nd Position

Whose flowers belong to? (花は誰のもの?) STU48

STU48 is a Japanese female idol and sister group of AKB48 named after the Setouchi Region. The group was formed in 2017, which organization is a little different the 7 prefecture is their main based for tour and shows. Setouchi Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), the tourism board of Setouchi Region, announced their support of STU48 in the forms of capital investment, business development support, and assistance in coordinating with local governments .

The group had a shipboard theater (船上劇場, senjou gekijou) from 2019 to 2021. It is co-owned by the tourism board of Setouchi Region and is highly involved in their promotional efforts. The group's captain is Mitsuki Imamura and the vice-captain is Akari Fukuda.

STU48 Official website





3rd Position

Chronostasis (クロノスタシス) - BUMP OF CHICKEN

From the beautiful Chiba prefecture is Sakura city. The group was form while on school, in 1994. In 1996, They won a national competition and the following year they start to gain high popularity.

Official website:



6th Position

Mixed nuts ( ミックスナッツ) -Official Hige Dandism ( Official髭男dism)

The band was formed in 2012. Their first album was released in 2015 making their debut that same year. In April 2018, he made his major debut with Major 1st Single "No Doubt".

With music rooted in various genres, including black music, it continues to gain support from all generations.

Official website




18th Position

kaleido proud fiesta - UNISON SQUARE GARDEN

Japanese teen pop band signed to Toy's Factory The band includes Kosuke Saito (vocals/guitar), Tomoya Tabuchi (bass/backing vocals), and Takao Suzuki (drums).

A new world of ROCK / POP where Kosuke Saito's vocals, which are full of transparency but have unique thorns, and a band ensemble with an outstanding combination of edgy coexist. By Creating a new kind of pop-rock, merging soul-bearing vocals from Kosuke Saito with an outstanding and edgy band ensemble. With catchy melodies and vivid live performances, this band constantly sells out, and even more after singing the opening theme song for the hit TV anime series "Tiger & BUNNY". The new single "harmonized finale" is the theme song for the theatre film "Tiger & Bunny: The Rising" to be released in theatres in Japan.

Official website:


60th Position

The sun will rise again ( 陽はまた昇るから) - Green-yellow society(緑黄色社会)

A 4-member band from Aichi prefecture. Nickname is "Ryokushaka". Formed in 2012 by high school classmates (Haruko Nagaya, Issei Kobayashi, peppe) and Kobayashi's childhood friend Shingo Anami. Haruko Nagaya's transparent and powerful singing voice, and the colour variations and pop sense of the songs created by all the members with different personalities and roots involved in the composition, have attracted a lot of support from the same generation. In 2018, They released their 1st album“ Ryokuoushoku Shakai ”. Since then, their career moved to the next stage doing several themes of anime, TV series and movies. In 2020, they released the album “SINGALONG” and this album took no.1 in several charts. Title track “Mela!” Smashed on digital platforms, streamed over 100,000,000 times. In 2021, They released several songs which hit the scene, “Kesshou” (Ending theme of “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon”) in February, “Tatoe Tatoe” on March and “Zutto Zutto Zutto” on June. On 25th August they released latest single “LITMUS” which includes “LITMUS” (Main theme of the TV series “Emergency Interrogation Room” from TV Asahi), “Are you ready” (Main theme of the movie “Machi no Tom & Sawyer”), and “ Korekara no koto, Sorekara no koto ”(the theme of“ SEA BREEZE ”web commercial). Their various music style and pop sound created by each member who has different roots and personality with a clear and powerful vocal of Haruko Nagaya is taking young people by storm.

Official website:

Twitter :

Instagram :



73rd Position

Can Can ( 燦燦) - Daichi Miura (三浦大知)

From Okinawa prefecture. He debuted in 1997 as the main vocalist of Folder.

He made his solo debut in March 2005 with the single "Keep It Goin'On".

He is a super entertainer who fascinates people with her natural singing voice and sense of rhythm, outstanding singing ability and world-class dance, and operates choreographs, song writing and musical instruments.

He made great success in solo performances at Nippon Budokan in 2012, Yokohama Arena in 2013, and Yoyogi National Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium in 2017, and the scale of live performances is expanding year by year.

His first Oricon weekly single chart No. 1 on "EXCITE" released in January 2017. In March, the sixth original album "HIT" was released. In November, won the "Wired Music Excellence Award" at the "50th Japan Cable Awards". At the same time, "EXCITE" won the Excellent Work Award at the "59th Shining! Japan Record Awards” and made his first appearance at the "68th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen" that year.

On February 24, 2019, he sang the Ryuka "Singing Voice" written by His Majesty the Emperor and composed by His Majesty the Empress at the "30th Anniversary Ceremony of His Majesty the Emperor".

On January 15, 2020, the 26th single "I'm Here" for the theme song of the TBS Friday drama "Don't chant the Buddha in the hospital room", and the 27th single "I'm Here" on November 11th. Released "Antelope".

Official website:




86th position

Who said we were stupid ( 僕らが愚かだなんて誰が言った)- DIALOGUE+

DIALOGUE+ is a Japanese idol group which is signed to Pony Canyon. The group, consisting of eight voice actresses, debuted in 2019 with the release of their first single "Hajimete no Kakumei", the title track of which was used as the opening theme of the anime television series High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World. Their music has also been used in Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki and Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took In a High School Runaway.

It is composed of eight members: Yurina Uchiyama, Nene Hieda, Kyōka Moriya, Yūna Ogata, Ayaka Takamura, Satsuki Miyahara, Mayu Iizuka, and Manatsu Murakami, all of whom were also cast in the mobile game CUE! The group's first single, "Hajimete no Kakumei!" (はじめてのかくめい) was released on October 23, 2019; the title song, which was written and composed by Unison Square Garden member Tomoya Tabuchi and arranged by Hidekazu Tanaka, was used as the opening theme of the anime television series High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World.[1] They then released the mini-album Dreamy-Logue on April 8, 2020.

Their first album, "DIALOGUE+1", was released on September 1, 2021

Official website:




91 th position

Longing night ( ねがう夜) - aiko

Aiko Yanai (柳井愛子, Yanai Aiko, born 22 November 1975), known by her stage name Aiko, (stylized as aiko) is a Japanese pop singer and songwriter. She is most famous for her hit songs Ashita, Kabutomushi, Hanabi, Sakura no Toki, Boyfriend, and Kira Kira.

In April 1996, Aiko became a radio host of FM Osaka after graduating from college. She released a CD which she produced independently with her friends of college in August. She participated in "The 5th Music Quest Japan Final" on 10 October and was awarded the Excellence Award shared with Ringo Shiina. She released an EP on an independent label in 1997, followed by a single and a mini album in 1998.

In July 1998, Aiko debuted on a major label with her first single, Ashita (あした; "Tomorrow"), which was used as the theme song for the movie Toire no Hanako-san.

In 2000, her second album, Sakura no Ki no Shita (桜の木の下; "Under the Cherry Blossom Tree"), reached number one in the Oricon weekly charts, with the total CD sales amounting to 1.4 million copies. Her sixth single, Boyfriend, sold over 500,000 copies and became her best-selling CD single. She made her first appearance in NHK's 2000 Kohaku Uta Gassen.

Official Website:

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