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Billboard Japan Hot100 Charts (16 MAR 2022) – New songs only - Japan music charts edition

The Japan Billboard brought us 12 new Japan music to the charts released in March 16. Below you will find:

The Billboard place / The song title in English (the same but in Japanese) / the name of the group/artist in English (the same but in Japanese)

After reading the letter on the website of BMSG, I decided to make an extra weekly post about the Japan Billboard. So, the new songs have equal opportunities to known at the same level as others in Japan music Charts. It is not a competition, or profit but ratter about Artistic freedom and awareness.

1st place "Bye-Good-Bye" - BE: FIRST

"Bye-Good-Bye" is the song for the Jdrama "Sayonara no Mae no Mae Fantastic 31 Days” ( サヨウナラのその前に Fantastic 31 Days NTV -"ZIP!" - ). Production: Nippon Television; co-production: AX-ON.


Official Website:

Twitter :

Instagram :

Facebook :

TikTok :

YouTube Channel :


Official Website:


Instagram :

YouTube Channel:

3rd place "Flower in the heart”(心にFlower) - SKE48

SKE48's 29th single lead song "Kokoro ni Flower" was ranked 1st in the single index with sales of 274,744 in the first week, but it was ranked 18th in lookup, 15th in Twitter, and 93rd in radio. SKE48 is the AKB48 sister group, from the Sakae district in Aichi Prefecture. The labels are licensed by AVEX INC.

【SKE48 Official Web Site】

【SKE48 Official Twitter】

10th place "You" - OWV

OWV (Our only Way to get Victory) is a Japanese boy group formed with contestants from the reality competition show Produce 101 Japan season 1. They debuted on August 30th, 2020. So we could say they are the brother group of J01.

Official Homepage:

Official Twitter:

Official Instagram:

Official TikTok:

Official FC:

14TH place “Flow “ – Perfume

Perfume (パフューム) is a Japanese pop girl group from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, consisting of Ayano Omoto ("Nocchi"), Yuka Kashino ("KASHIYUKA") and Ayaka Nishiwaki ("a-chan").

“Formed in 2000, top electro-pop trio Perfume (a-chan, KASHIYUKA and NOCCHi) are one of the most influential girl groups in Japan, beloved for their futuristic concept and creative performances. The group made their major debut in 2005 and broke through with monster hit single “Polyrhythm” in 2007, taking techno-pop music and culture to the mainstream.”

Official website :

Official Facebook:

Official Twitter :

Official Instagram :

15th place “Santa Monica Lollipop “ (サンタモニカ・ロリポップ) - FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE

FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE is a nine-member Japanese male dance and vocal group formed and managed by LDH. The group is part of the collective Exile Tribe, related to Exile, and signed to the record label Rhythm Zone from the Avex Group. Fantastics debuted on December 5, 2018.



Twitter&Instagram @fantastics_fext

TikTok @fantastics_official


Gang Parade (ギャングパレード), (formerly known as Pla2me (プラニメ) and POP (ピォピ)) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014.In 2020, Gang Parade split into two groups: Go to the Beds and Paradises. They resumed activities in 2022.

GANG PARADE official accounts

Per group member:











Main Group official accounts :

Website :



34th place “Put on a love cold” (恋風邪にのせて) – Vaundy

“Vaundy. A 21-year-old university student.

He is a multi-talented artist who writes, composes and arranges music all by himself and his talents expand to direction and self-production of designs and movies.

Since his first music post of on YouTube in spring 2019, his songs “Tokyo Flash” and “Fukakouryoku” have instantly become social media sensation.”


Website :



46th place “Happy ending and then” (ハッピーエンドとそれから) – Private Ebisu Junior High School (私立恵比寿中学)

Formed in August 2009. In May 2021, a group of 9 "Eienni Chugaku" with 3 new members. Known as "Ebichu", the initial activity image is "king of Gakugeikai" arena class concerts, summer solo outdoor festivals, variety shows, movies, theatrical performances, models, etc.

In May 2021, a new member joined by audition for the first time in 7 years. At "Choon 2021" to be held on September 25th and 26th, the first stage of 9 people was displayed. In 2022, the 10th anniversary of their major debut, they will release their 7th full-length album " Private Ebisu Chugaku.

Official Website:

Social media Ebisu Chugaku

50th place “Avant” (アヴァン) – Eve

Eve (also stylized as E ve, born May 23, 1995) is a singer-songwriter and Vocaloid producer. He got his start in the Music Industry by doing covers on Nico Nico Douga.

He eventually signed to Toy's Factory in 2019, moving away from Harapeco Records. He was also a guest in "School of Lock!" by Tokyo FM.

His music has been featured in the anime Dororo (Dark Night / 闇夜 ), Jujutsu Kaisen (kaikaikitan / 廻廻奇譚) and Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Ao No Waltz / 蒼のワルツ) .






92nd place “It blooms suddenly and scatters into ash” (パッと咲いて散って灰に) - Creepy Nuts

A HIP HOP unit by the rapper "R-Shitei" who won the third consecutive title in Japan and the world's best DJ "DJ Matsunaga". He made his major debut from Sony Music in 2017, and released his latest work "To us who were once geniuses" in August 2020. In November of the same year, Budokan 2Days was held, and the tickets were sold out immediately.


website :


Youtube :


96th place “Blue and others” (青、その他) – The cause lies in me. (原因は自分にある)

One month after its debut on July 7, 2019, Stardust's new unit has been renewed from "BATTLE STREET" and transformed into a new unit name "The cause is me." As an avant-garde unit that continues to make an impact, like the sound of this name, by positively grasping the word "cause" that means "something, something that causes a certain state / change." Make a leap forward and create a new era of entertainment.

Official website:


Twitter :

99th place “Takaneno Hanako” (高嶺の花子さん) - back number

The group consists of Iyori Shimizu (lead vocals and guitar), Kazuya Kojima (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Hisashi Kurihara (drums). Its a Japanese rock group formed in 2004.

official website







That's it for now ! I will see you Wednesday(UTC time) with the new week results review a little more complete . kisses for everyone

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