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Billboard Japan Hot100 Charts (11 MAY 2022) – New songs only edition - Japan music charts

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 is a music chart that ranks the best-selling songs in Japan. It is published by Billboard magazine, and a new chart is compiled and published every Thursday. The chart is based on sales of physical singles and digital downloads. These doesn’t mean music outside of Japan stays out of Japan Billboard, very much the opposite.

However, I only focus on Japan’s artists and songs, even If I enjoy S-Korean music from artists like Ailee and Song Ji Eun. Maybe in the Future who knows!

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 was first published on October 26, 1996. The first number one song was "Too Much Heaven" by Bee Gees. As of July 20, 2019, the most successful artist on the chart is AKB48, with 45 number-one singles.

This week, the Japan Billboard has brought us 4 new Japan songs to the charts. I read the letter on the website of BMSG and decided that these songs deserve as much recognition as any others on the Japan music charts. It's not a competition or about making money, but rather about artistic freedom and awareness for a healthy music industry.

Because Japanese Music is not only #Jpop, but it also has all kind of genres. So lets call it Jmusic ( #jmusic)

17th position

With Us - JO1

On the 25th of May, the Album “Kizuna” (A and B) will be release. Due to the history, the J01 this release will reflect on the Japan Billboard Hot 100, on 1st June, with the results of the week 22/52. Unless it releases early, conquering the Japan Top album and making enough points for the first place winning the leader position on Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart .

The eleven-member Japanese boy group formed by the top contestants of the programme Produce 101 Japan, owned by LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT.

Their first single, 'PROTOSTAR', was released on March 4th, 2020.

LAPONE Entertainment (LAPONEエンタテインメント) is a Japanese entertainment company. It was founded on May 29, 2019, as a joint venture between the South Korean company CJ E&M and the Japanese company Yoshimoto Kogyo.

The company currently manages the Japanese boy groups JO1 and INI.

The MTV VMA Japan awarded J01 the "star on the rise" award in 2020.


[website ]​



45th Position

Lana ( ラナ) - MeY-chan ( めいちゃん)

In 2011, he attempted to sing his first post on Nico Nico Douga. In 2020, she will celebrate her 10th anniversary and is now the most popular super rookie in the singing world. She is popular for her innocent character and super talented singing ability. He not only covers Vocaloid and J-POP songs, but also sings his own original songs, with YouTube views totalling 87 million. Starting in April 2019, he will begin activities as a YouTuber group "Meat Chomoramma." The range of his activities

54th position

Walkin' In My Lane – milet

This song is part of a single that it will be released on 25th May.

According with the Official website : “Singer-songwriter from Tokyo A female singer-songwriter who spent her adolescence in Canada and has a global presence and husky and profound singing voice. Started full-scale music activities in 2018, and in October of the same year, Yves Saint Laurent participated in Yves Saint Laurent's global event "YSL BEAUTY HOTEL" held in Paris, NY, Seoul, Tokyo and other countries around the world. ・ Appeared as an upcoming artist picked up by Saint Laurent. She made her major debut on March 6, 2019. Her debut song "inside you" produced by Toru (ONE OK ROCK) ranked first on 11 popular music distribution sites such as iTunes. On August 21, the 3rd EP "us" containing the theme song of the TV drama "Fake Affair" was released and recorded the first appearance in the Oricon digital ranking, as well as seven such as AWA, Spotify, dHits, and LINE MUSIC. Recorded 1st place in the subscription service. At the end of 2019, she recorded the first place in the new artist ranking in both the download category and the streaming category of "RecoChoku Annual Ranking 2019" by the popular music distribution site "RecoChoku". The debut song "inside you" won the "Tokyo Drama Award 2019" theme song award, and TOKYO FM "Keisuke Kuwata's Easy Night Play" year-end annual project "Keisuke Kuwata's Best 20 Japanese Music Singles 2019" (2019) It will be selected as the 1st place on December 28th). After her total of 5 EP releases, on June 3, 2020, she released her 1st full-length album "eyes" containing all 18 songs, both for the first time in the Oricon Weekly CD Album Ranking and Oricon Weekly Digital Album Ranking. Recorded the 1st place in appearance. In addition, he won first place in Billboard JAPAN “HOT ALBUMS” for two consecutive weeks and entered the TOP 10 for eight consecutive weeks. She sang and appeared at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in August 2021, and at the end of 2021, she participated in the "NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen" for the second consecutive year.”

Official website:



58th position

Youth Zombies ( 青春ゾンビィィズ) Private Ebisu Junior High School (私立恵比寿中学)

( no official music video released)

Formed in August 2009. In May 2021, a group of 9 "Eienni Chugaku" with 3 new members. Known as "Ebichu", the initial activity image is "king of Gakugeikai" arena class concerts, summer solo outdoor festivals, variety shows, movies, theatrical performances, models, etc.

In May 2021, a new member joined by audition for the first time in 7 years. At "Choon 2021" to be held on September 25th and 26th, the first stage of 9 people was displayed. In 2022, the 10th anniversary of their major debut, they will release their 7th full-length album " Private Ebisu Chugaku.

Official Website:

Social media Ebisu Chugaku

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