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Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart: March 2022 songs and artists [review]

Another month over, And the Japan music charts, did it Surprise you?

Let’s recap on post, the March Billboard Top Chart in Japan. While doing this post, I also check the Global Top 200 Chart to verify if Japan’s music is making an impact on the world.

Are the Japanese billboard leaders conquering the world step by step?

After keeping the leader position, Aimer kept the queen position in the first week of March at Japan Billboard. Also, her best score at the Global 200 music chart was the 37th position, currently at the 104th position. Aimer's "Zankyosanka" lead Billboard Japan Hot 100 for 7 consecutive weeks making Aimer a possible the top candidate for the year at the Annual “Japan HOT100”.

The Zankyosanka that cheer up the opening of the anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen" reached its climax on February 13, which now the popularity is at a steady slowing down. The song is still among the 10th greatest at the Japan Billboard.

Who is Aimer?

Aimer (エメ) is a Japanese pop singer and lyricist signed to SACRA MUSIC, which belongs to the Sonic Music Industry. Aimer uses the name Aimerrhythm for lyrics credits (information confirm in JASRAC). She has a love for music that we can look at her history for the evidence. At the age of 15, she lost her voice due to a voice cord overuse. To recover from it, she had to go under the torture of a silence therapy treatment. (I call it torture, imagine an artist that can’t do art, or a painter that can not paint, that must feel like torture).

Official Website:



On the second week without an official presence at the Global 200 billboard music chart, we have SixTONES releasing a single on March 2nd, with 2 songs Resonance and Wave Crash. Although, I enjoy more Wave Crash, maybe because it seems more their Style and it looks more natural to them. The Resonance is the fourth opening theme from the Anime “Hanyou no Yashahime”( Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon), which appears around episode 38. (official website:

These was the first appearance of the music and album on the Japan Billboard TOP 100, "Resonance", recorded sales of 402,093 in the first week of the single.

Who are the SixTones?

SixTones (ストーンズ) is a Japanese idol boy band formed by Johnny & Associates in 2015, consist of Jesse, Kyomoto Taiga, Matsumura Hokuto, Kochi Yugo, Morimoto Shintaro, and Tanaka Juri. . The group was previously a sub-unit of Johnny & Associates' pre-debut trainee group, Johnny's Jr. SixTones made their official debut on January 22, 2020. SixTones' pre-debut songs recorded on Japanese Society for rights of authors, composers and publishers (JASRAC) .

It’s a bit odd to some people that the official website doesn’t have an introduction part of the music Group. It looks like Managers are more looking for the profit by the health and love for the stars. However, this website is part of Sony Music Entertainment

Marketing for profit not to support the people method, which is not surprising after the controversies surrounding Johnny & Associates.

Official web site

YouTube Channel


Also, without a presence on the Global 200 chart, on the third week a story from a drama about the end of the world jumped to the first position to say the final goodbye.

"Bye-Good-Bye" is the song for the Jdrama "Sayonara no Mae no Mae Fantastic 31 Days” ( サヨウナラのその前に Fantastic 31 Days NTV -"ZIP!" - ). Production: Nippon Television; co-production: AX-ON.

Who are BE:FIRST ?

Be:First is a 7 member Jpop group under and produced by BMSG. They were formed through the audition program BSMG AUDITION – THE FIRST 21, along 231 aspiring stars. They released 2 pre debut singles, and they officially debuted on November 3, 2021, with the single album ‘Gifted’. The group's motto: "Reach the top, but don't kick others down".

On YouTube, the licensing was done by AVEX INC, on behalf of the main company B-me, which is the short version of BMSG. This happens because B-ME was co-founded by AVEX.

BMSG , one of the newest agencies, was created with the unique goal to make the music industry better by allowing artistic freedom to the artists and songwriters, without toxic competition

Official Website:

Twitter :

Instagram :

Facebook :

TikTok :

YouTube Channel :

On the fourth week another Drama themed music came forward to lead the billboard for another week.

The music “Chameleon” (カメレオン), which is the theme song from the FUJI TV Jdrama “Don’t Call it Mystery” starring Masaki Suda, has been wondering between the fourth and second place in Japan music Charts. In week 10 results, released on March 9, the song had around 55000 downloads and 9.8 million Playbacks. In Week 11 results, released in March16, it had drop to the fourth position and had around 20000 downloads and 8.6 million playbacks. Like the previous songs they presented at the beginning of the year, this song also marked a presence in the Global 200 music billboard. This song best score was the 63rd position being currently on the 150th position.

Who are king Gnu?

King Gnu, formed in 2015, consists of 4 members: Daiki Tsuneta (Vocalist & Guitarist), Satoru Iguchi (Vocalist & Keyboardist), Kazuki Arai (Bassist) and Yu Seki (Drummer). The Japanese band's main songwriter is Daiki Tsuneta, who also performs as part of the creative collective Millennium Parade.

Daiki Tsuneta, a creator from Tokyo University of the Arts who develops his own activities, started his activities in 2015 under the name of Srv.Vinci. On April 26, 2017, the band name was changed to King Gnu and a new start was made.

Finally on the fifth week, a major jump from the 80th position to the first position made the [Actually] by Nogizaka46 ( 乃木坂46 ) be the last leader of Japan Billboard. However there is no official present the in the Global 200 chart.

Who are Nogizaka46?

Nogizaka46 is a Japanese female idol group. The group was produced by Yasushi Akimoto, and they are the official rival of the group AKB48. They are the first group from the Sakamichi Series, which also includes sister groups Sakurazaka46 (formerly Keyakizaka46), Yoshimotozaka46, and Hinatazaka46.

Nogizaka46 has had a lot of success over the years. They’ve released 28 singles and 5 compilation albums, and each of their singles since the third one has reached number 1 on the weekly Oricon chart. Additionally, each single release has sold at least 1 million copies. They’ve also created radio shows, theater productions, television programs, and films. Some notable examples include NogiBingo!, Hatsumori Bemars, Nogizaka Under Construction and Asahinagu.

Official website:



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