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Be:First are the first in Japan Billboard ( week 11/52)

I guess SixTones song “Resonance” wasn’t that strong on the billboard. It might comeback still, but it suffers a big drop from a 1st position to the 12th position. But lets get begin the Japan Billboard review for this week 11 in 2022.

On Japan Billboard Top 100, there are 14 new song on Japan music charts which makes a good perspective what’s they are fighting for. One of these new songs, it’s our Billboard leader BE: FIRST that it’s the first!

"Bye-Good-Bye" is the song for the Jdrama "Sayonara no Mae no Mae Fantastic 31 Days” ( サヨウナラのその前に Fantastic 31 Days NTV -"ZIP!" - ). Production: Nippon Television; co-production: AX-ON.

The Drama story is A huge meteor will collide with earth. Many people react in different ways, like running, staying at home, and denied the government announcement. The story surrounds 5 different people and their last 31 days before the meteor strikes earth and eliminates all life. The month march and the 31 days story were well thought to combine.

The theme song by BE: FIRST is going to lead the CD single, which is set to be released on May 18. I could say that for the next 2 weeks and if the drama becomes popular, its possible BE: FIRST can maintain itself on the top 10 for another 3 weeks maximum. However, if the pastel look, I show on the Music Video and dance performance video has the desire BTS effect it can go further.

However, I need to make a critic in the music video it was more performance than a mimic singing the song. Like on the first 2 minutes is more evident. there are a few close ups on the face or at the eyes base that the lips or throat don’t actually make move.

Be:First is a 7 member Jpop group under and produced by BMSG. They were formed through the audition program BSMG AUDITION – THE FIRST 21, along 231 aspiring stars. They released 2 pre debut singles, and they officially debuted on November 3, 2021, with the single album ‘Gifted’. The group's motto: "Reach the top, but don't kick others down".

On YouTube, the licensing was done by AVEX INC, on behalf of the main company B-me, which is the short version of BMSG. This happens because B-ME was co-founded by AVEX.

Dont forget to check out the top 10 list at the end of the post!


BMSG-An acronym for Be My Self Group, named with the intention of creating a space where artists and idols can stay "as they are”. It is also an acronym for Brave, Massive, Survive, Groove.

Sky-HI founded the agency with the goal to improve the good environment and recover the Artist freedom Japan desperately needs. Like He says in his declaration on the BMSG website “

"Detachment of self-consciousness and other consciousness, expectations in undesired directions, false accusation and imposition, betrayal. There were many times when I was about to crush myself. In fact, many of my friend's artists have collapsed in the middle of a dream."

When he states this, it’s clear that Japan Music industry is not healthy. He even points out 2 problems: “talent is consumed in a distorted form and cannot be saved” and there isn’t a good combination between success with certain talent and a person happy life.

Sky-Hi compares the entertainment industry with a customer service industry. And if you look at the scenery behind the new song video by BE: FIRST, in the background it says “Guest relations” that kind of customer service is more known among the travel and tourism industry.

He also wonders about the future of music in Japan in ten years if it continues in this unhealthy.

“Talent is easily killed by a little bit … How many works with solid talent and soul have been recovered? How many times have you been consumed by stories that have nothing to do with your work? How many dreams and talents have been undesirably consumed, crushed, killed, and turned off?

It's no longer the time to control the media. No one will protect you. In the flow of SNS, the trend changes too quickly, and if it matches it, it will be consumed and disappear in an instant. But you can't escape from it.”

He built this group and agency with his own money in middle of pandemic. Reminder outside off topic : remember that a lot of celebrities from all areas committed suicide for many reasons, but the main one : Hana Kimura , due to cyberbullying, after a fake and made up scene in the Terrance House, where she had the paper of being a bad character.

“Not only the management method so far, but also the way to eat, the way after selling, mental support, creating a community that exposes worries, equal contracts, and building a true relationship of trust with fans. I would like to create a new system that has never been prepared, such as symbiosis and coexistence.” In other words, a system of peace and friendship among artists that can help celebrities fighting any problem they face.

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What’s next on the Billboard top 3?

On the second position …

The opening song of the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen" is number 1 in Billboard JAPAN anime chart "JAPAN HOT Animation" making Aimer's "Zankyosanka" recover a bit from the lost last week.

On third position and new to the billboard …

SKE48's 29th single lead song "Kokoro ni Flower" was ranked 1st in the single index with sales of 274,744 in the first week, but it was ranked 18th in lookup, 15th in Twitter, and 93rd in radio. SKE48 is the AKB48 sister group, from the Sakae district in Aichi Prefecture. The labels are licensed by AVEX INC.

[JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (16 MAR 2022)

1st place [NEW] "Bye-Good-Bye" BE: FIRST (-・ 32,885DL ・ 13,547,052 playback)

2nd place [last week position 3] "Zankyosanka" Aimer (1,857 sheets ・ 8,549DL ・8,032,924 playback)

3rd place [NEW] "Flower in the heart" SKE48 (274,744 sheets ・-・-)

4th place [last week position 2] "Chameleon" King Gnu (-・ 19,844DL ・ 8,616,827 playback)

5th place [last week position 5] "Betergius" Yuri (-・ 2,720DL ・ 7,307,037 playback)

6th place [last week position 8] “One way” King Gnu (943 sheets ・ 3,449DL ・ 5,649,930 playback)

7th place [last week position 6] “Cinderella Boy” Saucy Dog (-・-・ 6,309,039 playback)

8th place [last week position10] "Dried Flower" Yuri (-・ 1,394DL ・ 5,488,334 playback)

9th place [last week position 7] "Reverse Dream" King Gnu (-・ 4,346DL ・ 5,891,594 playback)

10th place [NEW] "You" OWV (48,687 sheets ・-・-)

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