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Aimer (エメ)- Leading Japan Billboard ( week 9/52) who wants to steal the throne?

All Hail the Queen!

For 1 week in January and the entire month of February, Aimer have lasted and showing Japan, who is the leader of Japanese music, while combining with Japanese Culture.

And to celebrate Aimer achievement, I did this fan art on Photoshop. ( ->) I hope you all enjoy it!

Althought, Aimer's "Zankyosanka" has been leading Japan billboard for 7 consecutive weeks. It seems she is enjoying the crown! Even the POP song with Playstation theme can not compete with this Queen of the Billboard.

"Zankyosanka"[残響散歌] is the number one record for seven consecutive weeks, along with Gen Hoshino's "Koi" recorded from December 2016 to January of the following year. "Koi" has won the overall top position 11 times in total, and "Zankyosanka" has won the second place in history 9 times in total. Gen Hoshino was the overall leader in this song in the first half of 2017 and the annual "JAPAN HOT 100", and after the first quarter of this year, "Zankyosanka" has already made a name for himself as the top candidate for the year

It marked 9,481,838 plays this week. With a total of 107,567,275 replays, it has surpassed 100 million times, the fifth fastest in history, just 12 weeks after the chart-in. The shortest records of over 100 million times are BTS "Butter" (6 weeks), LiSA "Fire" (7 weeks), BTS "Permission to Dance" (9 weeks), BTS "Dynamite" (11 weeks).

The anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen", which cheers up the opening theme, finally reaches its climax on February 13, last week, so the Aimer , leader position may be slowing down in the next weeks. If that starts to happen this week, the future chart actions of each index that remains high will be change and take a new leader right after the second week of March, since this week the points have been lowing down .

Who will steal the throne ?

Don't forget to check whats new on the Billboard at the end of this post!

One of the japanese Singer-songwriter, I have been following for a very long time. To write this post, I doublechecked my spotify and I have at least 15 favourite musics from Aimer. She is an artist that keeps me listening through her fantastic combination of lyrics and melody, since 2017 .

This time the song that took Aimer to the number one spot - 残響散歌 (Zankyosanka) from TV animation "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Yukaku Hen opening theme . Record label sign currently with Sacra Music . Sacra Music is a Japanese record label subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The record label was established on April 1, 2017, specializing in anison music.

A bit of the lyrics translated

"If we face much hard problems We puff our chest rather than talking And we trace our light of dream, everything Won't you come here to run away?

If you aren't chosen, you should choose"

Information about the artist from the official website :

" At the age of 15, she suddenly lost her voice due to the overuse of her throat by singing, but a few years later he got a sweet singing voice with his unique husky. She made her major debut in 2011 with the single "Rokutosei no Yoru".



16th single ``I beg you / / March of petals / Sailing ”was released, and recorded the first appearance in the Oricon weekly single ranking for the first time. 5th album on April 10th"Sun Dance" "Penny Rain"Released at the same time, and recorded the 1st place in Billboard Japan "Hot Albums". On May 5th, the theme song for the Japanese TV drama "Your Turn to Kill" Aimer "STAND-ALONEReleased as a digital single. In August, the ending theme "Vinland Saga" for the TV anime "Vinland Saga"TorchesReleased the 17th single.


18th single in total "Spring goes/ marie ”was released and recorded the first appearance in the Oricon weekly digital single ranking. On September 9th, the 19th single "SPARK-AGAINReleased.


Released the 6th album "Walpurgis" on April 14, and achieved his first three crowns on Billboard Japan Hot Albums, Download Albums, and Top Albums Sales. "

What's new on the billboard and artists and songs Aimer need to watch out:

Yuuri's "BETELGEUSE" [ ベテルギウス]. This music belongs to the Japanese Drama, or Jdrama, Super Rich, Available on VIKI. This Drama is played by the singers and Actors , Akaso Eiji [ 赤楚衛二] and Machida Keita [町田啓太] . But the Drama is around a Female : " Growing up in an extraordinarily wealthy family, Mamoru Hyoga (Noriko Eguchi [ 江口 のりこ]) has never wanted for anything in her entire life. Born and raised with the world at her feet, Mamoru has never had a financial worry in her life but that doesn’t mean she grew up with everything. Having lost both of her parents at a young age, Mamoru grew up without ever knowing the warmth of her parents’ love. " Its currently on the 3rd position!

In second place of Japan music charts, NMB48 is one of the AKB48 sister group idol from the Namba district, Osaka. It was formed in 2011 by the same producer, Yasushi Akimoto.

The NMB48 dominate their singleBetween love and love [ 恋と愛のその間には] debut with the number one biggest sales.

Their official Website:

If they keep the pace of the sisters groups success , they could steal the throne and take the number one spot, leading Japan Billboard.


[JAPAN HOT 100] Top 10 - Japan music chart

1st place [1] "Zankyosanka" Aimer (4,025 sheets, 15,499DL, 9,481,838 playback)

2nd place [NEW] "Between love and love" NMB48 (189,726 sheets ... -)

3rd place [ Last week position 2nd ] "Betergius" Yuri (-・ 3,560DL ・ 7,824,878 playback)

4th place [NEW] "Always" ENHYPEN (-・ 7,969DL ・ 6,142,338 playback)

5th place [Last week position 6] "Cinderella Boy" Saucy Dog ( -・-・ 6,926,808 playback)

6th place [Last week position 7] "Ichizu" King Gnu (1,408 sheets, 4,339DL, 6,068,991 playback)

7th place [Last week position 5] "Nothing," Makaroni Empitsu (-・ 1,460DL, 7,140,367 playback)

8 Place [Last week position 8] "Reverse Dream" King Gnu (-・ 5,238DL ・ 6,312,430 playback)

9th place [Last week position 9] "Dried Flower" Yuri (-・ 1,841DL ・ 5,778,264 playback)

10th place [Last week position 10] "Horizon" back number (-・2,439DL / 5,457,318 playback)

* () indicates the number of singles, downloads, and streaming (only within the 50th place each)

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