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[5 weeks Queen ] Aimer - Leading Japan Billboard ( week 7/52)

Althought, Aimer's "Zankyosanka" has been released for 5 consecutive weeks on the Japan Billboard. It seems she is enjoying the crown! But there is a Shinkansen ( bullet train) with a Pop song on it .

"Zankyosanka", which recorded the overall top position for 4 consecutive weeks, sold 5,126 copies this week and ranked 2nd in singles, 1st in download with 19,147 DL, 2nd in streaming with 8,112,390 playback, and 1st in video playback with 2,126,910 playback. Recorded. He won a total of 3 crowns in 1st place in the lookup, and marked high points in all the indicators such as 11th in radio, 27th in Twitter, and 17th in karaoke. The anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen", which decorates the opening theme, will finally reach its climax on February 13, and the future chart actions of each index that remains high will be watched.

Don't forget to check whats new on the Billboard at the end of this post!

One of the japanese Singer-songwriter, I have been following for a very long time. To write this post, I doublechecked my spotify and I have at least 15 favourite musics from Aimer. She is an artist that keeps me listening through her fantastic combination of lyrics and melody, since 2017 .

This time the song that took Aimer to the number one spot - 残響散歌 (Zankyosanka) from TV animation "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Yukaku Hen opening theme . Record label sign currently with Sacra Music . Sacra Music is a Japanese record label subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The record label was established on April 1, 2017, specializing in anison music.

A bit of the lyrics translated

"If we face much hard problems We puff our chest rather than talking And we trace our light of dream, everything Won't you come here to run away?

If you aren't chosen, you should choose"

Information about the artist from the official website :

" At the age of 15, she suddenly lost her voice due to the overuse of her throat by singing, but a few years later he got a sweet singing voice with his unique husky. She made her major debut in 2011 with the single "Rokutosei no Yoru".



4th single "If I don't meet you ~ Summer Snow Winter Flowers ~Recorded a smash hit. The song was selected from the Japanese music released in 2012 by Keisuke Kuwata on TOKYO FM "Keisuke Kuwata's Easy Night Play" (every Saturday from 23:00 to 23:55 JFN 38net) broadcast on December 15th of the same year. It was selected as the 5th place out of 20 famous songs. Continued 1st album "Sleepless Nights』Recorded the 5th place on the Oricon chart for the first time, and was nominated for the 2012 CD Shop Awards.



Performed for two days at Yokohama Arena as a support act for ONE OK ROCK 2015 “35xxxv” JAPAN TOUR. On June 3rd, the 8th single "Brave ShineWas released, and in addition to recording No. 1 on the overall single chart on iTunes, it also won No. 1 in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. On July 29th, the 3rd album "DAWNReleased.



15th single ``Ref: rain / just dazzlingReleased. Next, we held an Asian tour with amazarashi in the form of a Thai van, with 5 performances in 4 Asian cities in Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, and Tokyo. In September, the theme song for the movie "Kasane"Black Bird Released.


16th single ``I beg you / / March of petals / Sailing ”was released, and recorded the first appearance in the Oricon weekly single ranking for the first time. 5th album on April 10th"Sun Dance" "Penny Rain"Released at the same time, and recorded the 1st place in Billboard Japan "Hot Albums". On May 5th, the theme song for the Japanese TV drama "Your Turn to Kill" Aimer "STAND-ALONEReleased as a digital single. In August, the ending theme "Vinland Saga" for the TV anime "Vinland Saga"TorchesReleased the 17th single.


18th single in total "Spring goes/ marie ”was released and recorded the first appearance in the Oricon weekly digital single ranking. On September 9th, the 19th single "SPARK-AGAINReleased.


Released the 6th album "Walpurgis" on April 14, and achieved his first three crowns on Billboard Japan Hot Albums, Download Albums, and Top Albums Sales. "

What's new on the billboard and artists and songs Aimer need to watch out:

"POP SONG" Yonezu Genshi -which is a CM song for PlayStation (R),

If you watch the video music , although enjoying Playstation symbols meaning behind and the representation of someone being different from everybody else. The melody and its harmony seem to be a bit way off to me. It looks like a jazz style remix with parts of what it looks like signature music of looney tunes. But I might be wrong , but thats what I recall similar.

Although it got the total points that could take the queen from the throne in the previous week, it was suppressed by the rapidly growing "Zankyosanka" and it was the first appearance in the 2nd place overall.

"IT'S A BOP" OCTPATH - 8-member dance vocal group ​​became the single index No. 1 with 105,688 single sales. This Group Followed the INI born from the public audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2". It seems the somehow S.Korean “Produce 101 Japan” its still trying to recreate the BTS worldwide effect. By helping to singles keep a visible S.Korean music style. Just like the brother group , [J01] .


[JAPAN HOT 100] Top 10

1st place [1] "Reverberation Sanka" Aimer (6,004 sheets, 32,006DL, 10,147,102 playback)

2nd place [NEW] "POP SONG" Yonezu Genshi (-・ 41,893DL, 4,563,064 playback)

3rd place [NEW] "IT'S A BOP" OCTPATH ​​(105,688 sheets ・-・-)

4th place [last week postion - 2 ] "Betergius" Yuri (-・ 5,146DL ・ 8,696,967 playback)

5th place [last week postion - 3 ] "Ichizu" King Gnu (1,814 sheets)・ 6,294DL ・ 6,905,521 playback)

6th place [last week postion - 4 ] “Reverse dream” King Gnu (-・ 7,594DL ・ 7,143,061 playback)

7th place [last week postion - 5 ] “Nothing,” Makaroni Empitsu (-・ 2,288DL ・ 7,753,151 playback)

8th place [last week postion -7] "Dried flower" Yuri (-・ 3,259DL ・ 6,158,080 reproduction)

9th place [last week postion - 8] "Horizon" back number (-・ 3,366DL ・ 5,595,080 reproduction)

10th place [last week postion - 13] "CITRUS" Da-iCE (-・5,166DL / 4,755,367 playback)

* () indicates the number of singles, downloads, and streaming (only within the 50th place each)

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